We are partnered with several major hedge funds and investment companies, including a Corporate Finance Boutique Agency with headquarters in London and New York, and with network offices and partners around the world. The company has existed since 1990 and has financed a large number of different companies during its time. We work with projects within the sectors of Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Hotels and Financial institutions, Hospitals and Infrastructure. But we are open and interested in projects outside these sectors as well.


The projects are typically minimum US $20m in both emerging markets as well as developed markets around the world. The financing can vary from US $5m up to US $1b, and we can provide financing across the whole capital structure including Equity, Mezzanine, Senior and Junior Debt in various forms also including Private and Public Bond Issues.


We work with Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, various funds management organisations such as Pension Funds and Insurance Companies, with international commercial and investment banks out of London, New York, Hong Kong and various local markets such as the Scandinavian markets, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg. The general process is outlined below.


The financing structures and pricing varies with the development stage of the company or project and the industry. The ROI requirements for the investors varies also quite a bit depending on the situation and the industry and the type of the investor. Our partners’ objective is always to find the right capital structure and the right investors and debt providers for the client.